Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It feels like Spring today!

What a wonderful day!  It's sunny, and the sound of water splashing under car tires is a reminder that we are closer to spring than winter!  Yeah!

This past weekend I indulged myself by spending some time in the magical place that is known as Willow Haven. It's a flower shop in Canmore that I like to tell everyone about.  I bring a boquet home from there whenever I visit Canmore.  Such incredible beauty, and this past weekend, being Valentine's, the amount of flowers everywhere was absolutely breathtaking!  This is Willow!

I was in Canmore this weekend for a very special reason.  I registered to take a two-day workshop with Dea Fischer,( Dea's Link) a  book artist and conservationist for the Canmore Library.

This month two of her journals are featured in Cloth, Paper Scissors Magazine, published through Somerset.

I was thrilled to be able to take a class with Dea.  She has so much knowledge and experience in this field, as well as an obvious love of the Book as Art!  Needless to say, what a GREAT way to spend a weekend, especially if some of your favourite people are in the class with you!  (Larissa and Russ, Alice and Bill, Evonne)  I also enjoyed meeting lots of new people as well!

We learned to create 4 journal structures, and I think my favourite might be the accordian pocket book, (mine is in the picture with the image of a girl on the front) with a reinforced pocket and a hard cover.  I have also learned how to create a different one with Laurie Doctor in a Series workshop 2 years ago.

I LOVE journals!

Today I hope to start working on the inside of my soft-leather long-stitched journal.  Because it has pages made of 90 lb. Maidstone paper, it will take mixed media quite nicely!  Oh!  What to put in it!  I'm already fretting!

I am attaching some photos from the class and some links as well!

Hope you are having a marvellous day!

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