Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4, 2010 Monday

Today I have been checking out images of artist's work on Deviant Art.  There definately are some works that inspire me.  I wonder, though, if the images are created mostly in some sort of photoshop app.  I am so drawn to the typographic work.  I love letter.  Even more so, I love the combination of paint, letter, word, image, pattern.  I want to try to do some of that kind of work today.  I have begun a number of background pages in my journal and will have to photograph some of that work to post here.

At 11:45am, my day got a whole lot better for the short visit from a friend.  It's not good to dwell in isolation all of the time.  At least it isn't the best thing for me.

I'm off to create....

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